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What is States' Rights

The Florida League of the South needs your help! The price of freedom isn't cheap. The cost is high to promote independence and lobby our Legislature to act in our favor.

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With your support we can continue to build a better Florida for all of us.

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Set Florida Free
A Petition for Independence

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Fight back! Help Floridians regain sovereignty, freedom and independence. It's a small price to pay - Join today.

Florida League of the South
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By my joining, I agree to uphold the statement of purpose of The League of the South: "We seek to advance the cultural, social, economic, and political well-being and independence of the Southern people by all honorable means."

You will be on the front lines of history in the making as we return sovereignty and independence to a free Florida Republic.

Dues and contributions to The League of the South are not tax deductible. Please select from the appropriate categories below:

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