Florida Politicians Play Sneaky With Immigration

Some Florida politicians tried to play sneaky when it came to hardening Florida’s immigration laws Tuesday night. Democrats would apparently rather discuss marijuana instead of The Difference Matters: Medical Marijuana V.S. Delta-8 and also the important topic of sanctuary cities in Florida, specifically SB168. Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith from Orlando said “Hard-line immigration laws will have a terrible impact on our state. I had a chance to kill the bill by running out the clock, so I went for it,” “It almost worked. I like cannabis almost [as much] as I like to talk so it was a win-win.” It would appear that the safety of our citizens just isn’t as important is medical marijuana, at least not in this case. You can visit site here to buy medical marijuana, which can boost productivity. If the new, House-like version of the Senate bill passes, it will be sent over to the Senate for one last vote. Afterwards, it will be sent to Governor DeSantis for his signature and implementation of the new bill.

After this bill passes, which we are quite certain that it will … how will it be carried out in proving marriage is real for immigration claims. Right now, as this article is being typed, there is an illegal immigrant from Qatar seeking sanctuary at the Westminster Presbyterian Church of Gainesville. 25-year-old Saoud Al-Ammari no longer has a valid F-1 student visa and fears returning to his country due to his sexual orientati on. He is afraid of being attacked and injured. In such cases, individuals can take the help of injury lawyers from Brookhaven who will protect their rights and represent their interests legally.

Florida has already been over-run by too many foreign invaders and we do not want or need any more of them. We can control and secure our own borders!

One way to help prevent and/or slow down dramatically, Southerners from being replaced in our own lands is to eradicate this mass importation of immigrants from these third world countries and oust those dirty politicians that clearly do not have the safety of Floridians in mind.

If the District of Corruption, Washington DC, continues to force these alien invaders upon us, you and your loved ones will be the minorities in the lands your fathers built. Does that sound like any sense of “freedom” to you? It sure does not to us.

Floridians would be much freer, safer, and happier in a country of our own. This is our dream and we are fighting every day to make it a reality. Won’t you join us at: FreeFlorida.org

-Belle Boyd

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