Virtue Signaling the Loss of Liberty

Virtue Signaling the Loss of Liberty

A recent article at has proclaimed that Florida leaders move to condemn white nationalism. In part it reads:

Florida legislators are moving to officially condemn white nationalism, with Democrats and Republicans alike drafting resolutions against hate-spurred violence, but the unity could be short-lived as elected officials plunge into debates over how the government should intervene to prevent more mass killings and rein in white supremacists.

The condemnations come amid an outcry over a mass shooting in El Paso, Texas, in which authorities believe the gunman posted a racist screed online shortly before the attack.

Following the shooting, Florida Senate President Bill Galvano, a Republican, called the violence “an all-to-present reminder that we have more work to do,” and he called on a legislative committee to review what can be done to address white nationalism.

But the El Paso shooter was not a “White Nationalist”, instead he was a part-Hispanic and confused liberal, as his “manifesto” portrays him, whose father, Bryan Crusius, works as a licensed mental health counselor. The media is deliberately portraying Patrick Crusius in a manner so that they may gain political traction in their own crusade against White advocates of White and Southern culture and society.

Wasn’t the media labeling Donald Trump as a “White Nationalist” early in his presidency? A recent opinion piece in the New York Times certainly made that proclamation. It has also been suggested by The Atlantic, which connected the same El Paso shooting case.

Will a majority Democrat State legislature and governor use red flag laws to take guns away from Republicans in the future? When rights are politicized, the only possible result is tyranny, and this path we may have already trodden to far along to return. 

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