So is it a Crime to Advocate for White People?

So is it a Crime Advocate for White People?

Blacks have advocacy groups, and so do Hispanics, and especially Jews, who have more than we can count. But now certain Florida lawmakers are attempting to outlaw what they call “White Nationalism”, which may be as innocuous as an advocacy group for Whites. How many Florida lawmakers are offended by the NAACP, the ADL or La Raza, that they should also be outlawed?

Anna Eskamani, the initiator of HR 51: White Nationalism and White Supremacy, is not White, which should be no surprise. So perhaps her attempt to outlaw White advocacy groups actually makes her anti-White. Not that we care, but we only want to elucidate the truth behind what is going on in American politics today. Neither are co-introducers Dotie Joseph, Cindy Polo and Carlos Smith.

Three other co-introducers to this bill are apparently White and should be ashamed of themselves for their hypocrisy. These are Michael Grieco, Evan Jenne, and Tina Polsky.

This is not an attack on evil people. This is an attack on White identity in Florida, and in the South. We must stand against those who attempt to shame us merely for being White and for wanting to preserve our own race and culture. 

We urge you to use the links supplied above, contact these representatives, and voice opposition to HR51.

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