Free Florida Now!

Millions of Floridians are out of work, especially in the many areas of our State where local economies rely primarily on tourism and small businesses in the service industry. They cannot pay rents, mortgages, or other bills, and are bankrupt or on the verge of bankruptcy. Visit for more information on what bankruptcy is and the conditions to file one. They cannot afford to buy food even if it remains plentiful, and the food lines are growing daily. In such cases, it is better to approach the MA bankruptcy attorneys who will suggest only the nest for a safe future.

But at the same time, farms are failing, crops are being destroyed, and food shortages are looming on the horizon. Even many businesses which can remain open still cannot generate sufficient revenue to remain profitable. Ultimately, many small businesses, local restaurants and other service companies, may have to shut their doors permanently. Small family businesses are not benefitted by government handouts, which are only going to government insiders and large corporations. Check out advices here for starting a new business in Kentucky.

Certainly both State and local politicians are still collecting their paychecks. Likewise, the State and county governments will still collect their property taxes and other taxes, even if commercial properties lie vacant for months, useless to their owners at the compulsion of the same politicians. Will the State keep homes and business properties from being foreclosed or seized by County tax collectors while it prevents their owners from working? In this case, the proverbial cure certainly has been far worse than the disease.

Just yesterday, April 25th, as it was reported by, it was announced that the governor “set up a task force to examine reopening the economy, and he is supposed to start reviewing its recommendations next week.” Along with that same announcement DeSantis was asked about bars and movie theaters, and said that they would remain closed in the foreseeable future. Answering the query, he also quite hypocritically replied that “You are much better off being outdoors.” But if all Florida State Parks and most of the State’s public beaches and local parks remain closed, as they have been for over a month, where do residents go to be outdoors?

So the economic future and financial security of Floridians will remain hostage to the governor’s bureaucrats until well into May. But the economy does not need politicians. It will reopen itself just fine without intervention from Tallahassee, or especially from Washington. Florida needs to be free and Floridians need to know with confidence that they can work and plan their own futures without government interference or restriction.

In any event, all of this is for nothing. The politicians themselves have betrayed us all for fear of a virus, the dangers of which were incessantly over-hyped by the media. Ninety-five percent of media companies, print, television and radio, are owned by just a few large international corporations! They can work at home and produce their articles and propaganda all day long, but most Floridians cannot work at home. Whose work are they really doing? For whose interests are they really working?

Now many doctors and scientists, men who have worked in fields related to the study of viruses, are coming out to inform us that actual science reflects a reality which is absolutely contrary to what the media has been promoting. Coronavirus is not any more deadly than most other strains of virus or flu which are suffered each year, and it is better for our immune systems if we are exposed to it so that the masses may develop immune responses, which are normal in the course of each flu season. The longer we stay locked up in our homes and out of work, the more we damage ourselves and our families, and only the international banks and corporations will benefit from it all.

Please watch the videos below, and demand that your governor and local politicians free Florida immediately and let it return to work!

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