Jax4News Purposefully Misleading Readers

On 9 November 2020, Reporter Zachery Lashway of Jax4News wrote an article titled, “State data shows no hospital beds in Columbia County”. In the subtitle Lashway writes, “Data doesn’t show IF bed shortage is due to COVID-19 cases or flu.”.  As an Emmy-nominated anchor/reporter, Zachery Lashway knew exactly what he was doing in an attempt to use scare tactics on Jax4’s readers.

With the continued lies and deceit from the media, this is just another example of how they are trying to control our daily lives by using immoral scare tactics. Tap or click to view Lashway’s article .

What Zachery doesn’t include in his article is that three of the surrounding hospitals closed this year, leaving Lake City Medical Center the closest option for the majority of the I75/I10 corridor residents and the surrounding counties.

On 4 March 2020, before all hell broke loose in regards to the “COVID-19 pandemic”, WJCB20 out of Gainesville, Florida reported that Shands Live Oak Regional Medical Center and the Shands Starke Medical Center were closing their doors due to both locations being sold by their parent company, HCA Healthcare out of Nashville, Tennessee. In the article about these closures, Mayor Davis of Live Oak expressed his concerns about the effects of this closing on the local community, resident and Mayor Frank Davis says “It is a gut punch to our community”.

Then on 25 June 2020, WCJB20 out of Gainesville, Florida reported about Shands at Lake Shore closing their doors due to “spiraling financial losses”.

Columbia County, Florida being two hours east of Tallahassee, forty-five minutes west of Jacksonville, an hour south of Valdosta, Georgia and forty-five minutes north of Gainesville now has the only hospital available to its local residents as well as all the people in need, in between these areas. Could this not be the reason for the lack of beds available at this hospital that once shared the local load with three other hospitals?

Why does the local media continue to lie to its viewers/readers? Reporter Zachary Lashway has had years of experience in his chosen career field. Mr. Lashway, being from upstate New York has reported on some very high-profile topics and has learned exactly how to get ratings for himself and his employer. This is simply another reason for us Floridians to turn off the tv, stop listening to those that profit from chaos and ratings and live our lives as we are intended to, as a free people.

Stop being terrified to stand up for your rights and your children’s rights! Stop letting liberals and northerner transplants infect you with their political agenda and live as the Good Lord intends you to.

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