No to Vaccination Mandates – Yes to HB 6003

If times weren’t crazy enough, over the last year we have now added the COVID-19 “pandemic”. Local governments butting heads with state governments which are butting heads with the U.S. government and their corporate cronies. The CDC posting fraudulent statistics and absolutely ludicrous recommendations. Anyone with common sense should deduce that there is a deceitful agenda at play.

Currently in the State of Florida, although not nearly perfect, Governor DeSantis has shown that he is not a pawn of the current corrupt U.S. political system. DeSantis has chosen a different route than most states in regards to COVID. He has allowed each resident personal choice on how we handle this flu strain. No mandatory lockdowns and our business restrictions weren’t anything near those of other states. California and New York had some of the most stringent restrictions to-date and yet Florida, with our population, per the World Atlas website falling between the two states, has less COVID cases than California, New York falling closely behind us. Two vastly different approaches, one shutting down businesses and causing massive economic struggles for families, while the other approach caused less harm to a state’s financial situation all across the board.

Not always are we going to have politicians with such a backbone, that Thinks Florida First. Therefore, we must work diligently and stay aware of bills and laws that could affect our state and personal households. One such bill, that has been filed is HB 6003, co-sponsored by State Representative Anthony Sabatini from District 32.

HB 6003 – Vaccinations During Public Health Emergencies is removing the authority from the State Health Officer, the ability to order vaccinations upon all Florida citizens in a public health emergency. HB 6003 will eliminate the gross government power given to the State Health Officer directly due to the knee-jerk reaction of unconstitutional laws surrounding the events of 9/11/2001. The current unconstitutional, not to mention unethical bill, was filed and approved in 2002.

If you are like many and believe that no one should have the power to mandate what you put in your body and that you are able to make your own healthcare choices, contact your local representatives and let them know to SUPPORT HB 6003.

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