DHS Secretary favors Haitians over citizens

Why is the U.S. Homeland Security Secretary giving out money in the form of a grant focused to “temporarily protect Haitians living in the United States” – most illegally? His reasoning: social unrest, human rights abuse, lack of basic resources, Covid pandemic, etc. Instead of focusing on securing the safety of these “united” States, Mr. Mayorkas would rather worry about those illegally in this country, taking from our own resources while placing the burden upon our people.

In Florida alone, we have over 400,000 Haitians mingling among our population. According to the 2018 U.S. Census, there were over one – million Haitians living in America and those are the legal ones documented. Florida by far has the largest population of Haitians, one just has to drive further south than the I-4 corridor to wonder where you’ve driven into as it would appear you have left our beautiful State and ventured into some third-world land from afar. The top three States with the largest Haitian Immigrant population are in the following order: Florida (424,101), New York (190,718), Massachusetts (73,201). Florida’s population of Haitians is so plentiful that their culture has taken over an entire region of our home and with programs to protect the illegal ones, how are we to secure a future, a home for the Southern people?

Florida must rid ourselves of the cancer that has inflicted this ailment upon our people. The federal government has no place in the South, especially here in Florida. The programs that Northerners perpetuate and push upon the South does nothing to help us grow but to demolish all that is graceful, traditional and pure about our homeland. Let the north and west be melting-pots of the world and leave the South to God’s chosen children.

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