Recently I watched a TikTok that talked about the human race devolving. As I sit and think about the tremendous tasks our ancestors accomplished, one can not help but agree with this TikToker. Looking back on my own childhood, my grandmothers were the hardest, meanest, strongest and most self-sustaining Godly women I have ever known. From watching one grandmother in her sixties go through an acre of corn, plucking and shucking to watching the other granny well into her seventies shoot, skin and gut supper is something one just does not see today and our grandfathers could build and fix anything that the family or community needed. Our ancestors were wiser, stronger and healthier than most any Southerner is today.

Fast forward to 2022 and most Southerners are weak, over-weight, dependent in one way or another upon the federal government, they act as sheep willingly being led to slaughter because from about the age of five, that they have been taught the federal government is “good” and thinking for themselves can only get them in trouble; they must be a good little boy or girl and follow orders. Look where following the fake leader has gotten us!

Mandatory lockdowns! Forced vaccines! Travel bans on our own soil! Food shortages! Taxed out the wazoo! Baby formula shortages! High gas prices! Rise in shootings in public schools! Red Flag laws! Drag queen story hour for our children! Bathroom confusion! Mass gender dysphoria!

The list goes on and on and on!

Can we just take a step back and realize what worked before the world went crazy? We are here today because of our ancestors and their struggles. Without all of the bling of today, our ancestors thrived. Was it hard work? Absolutely and it was worth it!

Becoming self-sufficient starts with a mindset. Stop buying and putting poison into your body and you will see a change not only physically and mentally but financially as well. Grab up sales in produce, vegetables and meat. Even in today’s time you can find them. Most local grocers have them weekly. Learn to can, it really isn’t hard or scary. You have a pot with a lid … there’s your canner. Save all your glass jars from store bought salsa, store bought cream jars .. those can be reused for canning. Stop paying $20 for Tide and buy but three ingredients to make a cleaner safer detergent that is cheaper and will last you a lot longer. Instead of dryer sheets, use wool balls. Grow your own garden, start with something easy like herbs or tomatoes. Chickens are a great investment. They produce an endless supply of eggs; some can go freezer bound and every year they replace themselves. They truly keep on giving. One of the most ridiculous posts I have seen, happen every year when we get hurricanes in the South. Everyone freaks out because all the bread is gone … but when you venture to the cooking isle, there is plenty of flour, yeast, baking soda and powder … everything you would need to make the bread. The United States just went through a “scary” baby formula shortage. Baby formula is a fairly new concept and most certainly a newer concept when it comes to replacing breastmilk when the mother is perfectly capable. That aside, there are several recipes that most before the 80’s was raised on and we turned out just fine.

As a person we are smart if we use our head. As a people, we are sheep that allow the federal government and leftist media to send us into mass panic. There is no need for it! Southerners as a whole need to stop taking the easy way out and do the work to protect and sustain our own family and people. We don’t need these large corporations telling us what we do and do not need and we surely do not need the federal government and leftist media outlets using scare tactics as a way to drive the votes.

Before you panic, think of how our people survived before and learn how to do so yourself.

On a side note, if stores are out of butter … whip some heavy cream and you will get butter and buttermilk. Viola! You’re welcome. 

As you get started on becoming self-sufficient, let us not forget to help out our local farmers and producers of goods that perhaps we won’t or do not just yet have on our homesteads. “Buying Southern” or “Buying Local” is the best way to help support your community. Getting started on buying local is super simple; watch the following video to learn more.

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