The communist plague

The Communist Plague will not only engulf all of Florida and the South but the entirety of the United States. Unless we deal with it once and for all, the future of the Southern people is doomed. We must unite as Southerners and drive out the federal government and forced influence upon our States.

If we do not stop the communist hordes now, in their tracks, then the entire South will continue to be engulfed in a never-ending tide of corruption and darkness, never to see the light ever again as the Southern people and all our traditions will disappear from displacement by this invasion.

The South has northern ideologies forced upon us and it is now time to stem the dark tide by wiping it clean and taking back the South and our homeland.


Contact us now if you are interested in saving these lands for your posterity.

For those not in the State of Florida but still interested in saving our homeland, contact the League of the South National HQ by visiting


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