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What is States' Rights

The Florida League of the South needs your help! The price of freedom isn't cheap. The cost is high to promote independence and lobby our Legislature to act in our favor.

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Set Florida Free
A Petition for Independence


If Independence was right in 1776

Then Independence is right today

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The Bonnie Blue Flag

Why Not Independence?

Today’s sectional division and political unrest has only heightened the fact that the general government of these united States has and continues to unlawfully define the limits of its own power

These repeated and ever worsening encroachments upon the lives, liberty, and property of the People of the sovereign States constitutes and evidences a clear design to enslave them under an absolute despotism.

Fed up with federal encroachment, regulation and theft that have caused your liberty to evaporate? Reform is NOT possible. An initiative has been created to petition the Florida State Legislature to affirm the right of Floridians to live free.

Sign the PETITION here

(NOTE: This petition is available to legal citizens of Florida only)

Repeal Laws Promoting Federal Intrusion

The sovereignty of the State of Florida is extremely important to the liberty and freedom of her citizens and should be taken very seriously.

The central government in Washington, DC was originally created by the sovereign States as servant government and was thus delegated few, specific powers. The States and the People retained all other powers. But sadly this government has been gradually perverted into a machine for control of the states. The servant has been exalted above its masters. Military force, court decisions, laws, and executive orders have overturned all of this. Just as our ancestors feared, the central government has become supreme, defining the limits of its own power. The member states have been relegated to the role of mere departments in a nationalized system. This is not the Federated Republic bequeathed us by our Founders.

Now, the symbol of this usurpation of power, the U.S. flag, by law, flies in the face of our state sovereignty as a daily reminder of our subjugation. Florida State Statutes 256.01 and 256.011 exhibit blatant Big Brother behavior and must be repealed.

Sign the PETITION here

(NOTE: This petition is available to legal citizens of Florida only)

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