The Great Divide

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American vs. Southern

Almost every day I listen to a bit of talk radio while I’m commuting to and from work. The talk shows I listen to originate in the South, have Southern hosts, and bill themselves as bastions of Conservatism.  However, because I’m a Southern nationalist and not a Conservative, they all rub me the wrong way with their ubiquitous references to “America” and “American values” (whatever those are)

They rant about the latest outrages from the District of Criminals, and they parrot the same, worn-out fixes for those problems.  “We have to elect guys that will represent our American values,” they say.  Or, “America is a great country. We just need to get back on the right track.”  They slobber all over the microphone about how proud they are to be American and how free Americans are, etc., etc.  All their proposed solutions involve some attempt at reforming the US system, working within the system, or electing Conservatives.  They are like Don Quixote, trying to be something they are not while fighting an illusory enemy.

Check Your I.D.

For 150 years, Southerners have been trying to be this something they are not.  In point of fact, per what popularly passes for the definition of an American, Southerners have never been Americans.  Not really.  We have, from the colonial period until now, been at odds with the rest of America on practically every cultural, social, economic, and political issue.  Despite a century and a half of Reconstruction, we instinctively recognize this fact.  What’s more, so does the rest of America, and they never miss an opportunity to remind us of it.  Despite the vast amounts of blood and treasure Southerners have contributed since 1865, those people know we’re not like them, and they treat us accordingly.  It’s high time we returned the favor.  Let’s stop trying to be like our foreign conquerors and occupiers and proudly be who and what we are: Southerners.

We should stop wasting our time, energy, and resources fighting the wrong battles.  To borrow a paraphrase from Patrick Henry, “Men may cry, ‘Reform! Reform!’ But there is no reform.”  The US system is wholly owned and controlled by the international bankers at the Federal Reserve and their partners in crime on the boards of the multinational corporations.  The system is rigged in their favor, and no meaningful opposition from within will be allowed. If you want help with any marijuana charges attorneys, you can look for them here!

Don’t Mess With The Man’s Machine

Has it never struck you as odd that third parties or independents are either kept out by onerous ballot access laws, are demonized and marginalized, or, on the rare occasion one sneaks through, immediately co-opted by the powers that be (yes, Tea Party and Rand Paul, I’m talking about you)?  We have about as much chance of reforming the US system as we have of walking into a casino in Las Vegas and reprogramming the slot machines to pay out more often.  The lawyers for criminal justice in Virginia said that both the US government and the casinos are organized, criminal enterprises, and neither one is about to allow you to mess with their stuff.  To think you can is folly.

Imagine for a moment that the South is a free, independent, and self-governing republic.  Then ask yourself, in that instance, would we even be talking about sodomite unions, disallowing prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, allowing Planned Parenthood to murder babies and sell their tissues and organs, enacting gun control, opening our borders to millions of third-world “refugees,” and subsidizing illegitimacy and sloth, sending our boys off to fight and die in far off places for the profit of a cabal of Jewish bankers, or allowing feral hoodlums to burn and loot our cities without consequence?

If your answer to these questions is no, then ask yourself another question. Why, as a conquered province of the US, are we thwarted every time we try to stop these things from happening here in Dixie?  The will of the Southern people can be overthrown by the stroke of a pen in the hand of a single federal judge.  How can you say that such a thing represents justice or embodies liberty or self-government?

Our answers must come from outside the current system.  We must establish our own system – by Southerners and for Southerners, founded upon the laws of God and the principles of our own culture, which is rooted in, and nourished by, those laws.  Southern nationalism, led by the League of the South, is the only vehicle that will get us to that destination.  We can no longer afford to be Americans individually or part of America collectively.  Our very survival and prosperity as a people depend upon our being who and what we are – Southerners.  This is the great divide. Will you cross it with us?

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