Repeal Florida Laws That Promote Federal Intrusion

Remove the federal flag from our state capitol building and county courthouses

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The information collected herein will be used for the purpose of lobbying the Governor and Legislature of the State of Florida to repeal those laws contrary to the sovereignty of Florida.

The sovereignty of the State of Florida is extremely important to the liberty and freedom of her citizens and should be taken very seriously.

The central government in Washington, DC was originally created by the sovereign States as servant government and was thus delegated few, specific powers. The States and the People retained all other powers. But sadly this government has been gradually perverted into a machine for control of the states. The servant has been exalted above its masters. Military force, court decisions, laws, and executive orders have overturned all of this. Just as our ancestors feared, the central government has become supreme, defining the limits of its own power. The member states have been relegated to the role of mere departments in a nationalized system. This is not the Federated Republic bequeathed us by our Founders.

Now, the symbol of this usurpation of power, the U.S. flag, by law, flies in the face of our state sovereignty as a daily reminder of our subjugation. Florida State Statutes 256.01 and 256.011 exhibit blatant Big Brother behavior and must be repealed.

These laws read as follows:

Florida Statute 256.01 Flag of United States to be displayed. The flag of the United States shall be displayed daily when the weather permits, from a staff upon the state capitol and upon each county courthouse. 

Florida Statute 256.011 Display of flag on election day.
(1) The supervisor of elections of each county in this state shall provide a flag of the United States for each polling place in the county. The flag shall be displayed properly and prominently at all designated polling places on all days when an election is being held.

The Florida flag is the symbol of Florida. Only the flag of Florida and those of her respective counties should fly over State and County public buildings and lands. The United States flag is the symbol of the United States government. The United States flag is appropriate for buildings such as post offices, federal court houses, military bases, etc. Florida is not a subsidiary of the government in Washington, DC. We must stop acting like we are. Repealing these laws will help us begin our journey toward loosening the grip of an oppressive federal government and thus a return to Sovereign State Government. We respectfully request that these statutes be repealed and replaced with laws respecting the sovereignty of the great State of Florida.

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