Why Not Independence?

Today’s sectional division and political unrest has only heightened the fact that the general government of these united States has and continues to unlawfully define the limits of its own power.

Southern cultural genocide is rampant along with vanishing standards of behavior. A federal regime eager to further destroy the Southern way of life is a constant threat. A cancel culture, Wokeism demanding our people submit, schools indoctrinating our children are everyday occurrences. Things continue to be out of control. These repeated and ever worsening encroachments upon the lives, liberty, and property of the People of the sovereign States constitute and evidence a clear design to enslave them under an absolute despotism.

Fed up with these offenses along with the federal encroachment, regulation and theft that have caused your liberty to evaporate? Federal Reform is NOT possible, nor even desirable at this point. Floridians and indeed all Southerners deserve better. It is our mission to make that happen. The Florida League of the South seeks to advance the cultural, social, economic and political well-being and independence of the Southern people by all honorable means. Consider becoming a part of this movement.

Remember, If you’re not free to leave, then you’re not free!

THERE IS NO BETTER PLACE FOR FREEDOM: The Florida League of the South is a not-for-profit organization, educating the public about the benefits of limited government and how this can best be achieved in the State of Florida. Curious? Visit our position papers and read about our political action organization; learn that in December of 1996, the Florida League of the South became the only Florida secessionist organization in our Great State and holds this status to-date.

THE GREAT PARENTAL REPLACEMENT IS UNDERWAY: It’s happening. It’s been happening. Parents, you are being replaced. Where? Right under your noses, in your neighborhoods, in your public and private schools, and in your local children’s hospitals. How? Under the guise of health, safety, compassion, tolerance, diversity, intellectual superiority and, of course, the public good.

SECESSION TALK IS EVERYWHERE: A rural southwest Texas County Commissioners’ Court called on the Legislature to put a secession question on the 2023 General Election ballot. The resolution passed Tuesday by Edwards County calls for Texas to secede from the U.S. and return to being an independent nation.

FEDS ARE OUT OF CONTROL: For the people who’ve hijacked our civilization, repression has become an essential tool. That’s because they’re imposing terminal insanity, which some percentage of the population will naturally resist. Moreover, the percentages will continue to grow as the final existential consequences come into view.

SOME PEOPLE COMPLAIN ABOUT WHAT IS HAPPENING AROUND THEM; OTHERS TAKE ACTION! Are you a submissionist or a secessionist? Request more information by visiting: Contact the Florida League of the South – The Florida League of the South (freeflorida.org)

INDEPENDENCE GARDENS: During WWI and WWII, Americans helped in the war effort by planting Victory Gardens. These Victory Gardens eventually produced over 40% of the food requirements of the population of the U.S. The Victory Gardens got the average people involved in the war effort. By producing their own food, the average citizen felt they were making a contribution to the defeat of the axis powers.

IS SECESSION TALK SERIOUS: Current polling shows that more than half of Americans who identify as “strong Republicans” think civil war is at least somewhat likely in the next decade. With the recent unprecedented raid on former president Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, there is now, no doubt that war is on the horizon. 

THEY MEAN TO ERASE OUR RICH HISTORY: Floridians must continue the political battle in order to save our history from being rewritten and wiped out completely. Why must we continue the fight?