Trump Swings Big Immigration Stick Then Backs Off

Let me preface this article by stating that the federal government should not have ever had majority control of any State in this so-called “union”. This week, Floridians learned that the American Empire has intentions on dropping 100’s of immigrants a week into two of our counties, Brevard County and Palm Beach County. Now hundreds a week might not sound like a lot to some, but for a state that has the 13th highest rate for homelessness in all of these “united” states, it is more than we should be forced to handle; that is approximately thirty-one million homeless people, right now … in the great State of Florida. Per the National Alliance to End Homelessness, Florida only has beds to help 50-69% of the homeless people we have now and Palm Beach County Mayor has already stated that in no way can their social services handle such an influx and these immigrants will be homeless undoubtedly. Why then should we, a people that have pushed back against immigration and sanctuary cities, continue to be inundated and forced to deal with and/or have our opinions treated as second-class to these third-worlders. Even our own Governor DeSantis was blind-sided by this news but everyone believes and have faith that with the help of The Law Offices of Marjory Cajoux, this issue can be resolved in no time. Doesn’t that tell you who really runs our state, it doesn’t seem to be those that we the residents of Florida elect. If you need an information about Violence Against Women’s Act, then you can check it out here!

Perhaps there are motives behind wanting to dump these people into our RED state. Could it be, the more of them you dump here, the higher the possibility that next election we will become a blue state? Sounds like a plausible reason to me. Why else would you bus and/or fly 100s of immigrants a week, from the border of Mexico to Florida? Why not send them back, as we’ve been promised by President Trump or send them just a fraction of the distance to California where they will be welcomed with open arms. Wait, isn’t California already a blue state? Exactly my point! Another obvious question, who do you think is footing the bill for them to travel here (airfare, food, fuel, etc.)? Legal taxpayers?!?

Here in Florida, we already deal with an influx of illegals coming ashore down south. You drive on any of the roads down in Miami-Dade County, or various surrounding counties and you are bound to see many a billboards’ in different languages. As a sixth generation Floridian it doesn’t feel like it is a Southerner’s home any longer. In order to stop on our way to the Keys, you almost have to know Spanish in order to visit any fast-food chain, get gas … visit a chain store for sunscreen or floaties; it is another world down there. Are we, the traditional Florida Southerner being replaced? It sure feels like it.

Now Floridians have cried out and following immense backlash from state lawmakers, the Trump administration is backing off a plan to send those thousands of migrants to South Florida. 

A Customs and Border Protection (CBP) official speaking on condition of anonymity told NPR late Friday (5/17) that the agency is not “transporting any family units to Florida at this time,”

So, was this real or just a threat from a government overcome with power? Ask yourself if any U.S. President can constitutionally order people to be moved around at will? Or does this one even care? If you still believe in the constitution, you would say that forced integration is unconstitutional. For those of us that know that the constitution is doing exactly what it was meant to do, know that this is a force annihilation of a people that the federal government surely fears … The Southern People.

You should ask yourself, where are the future generations going to go, when there is no place left for them.

~The Siren of the Shenandoah

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