What the Guac!

There is nothin’ Southern about supporting the import business of a Haas avocado from Mexico. Even though we all love these beautiful green gems there’s another option for our guac fix. Michoacán is the only region in Mexico approved to export avocados into the united States; exporting nearly $3 billion worth of this product. Could you imagine if we supported our own farmers to the extent of that dollar amount? What would $3 billion look like to our own economy and our own people?

Let us for a moment completely forget about the increased rape, murder and crime rate that comes from invaders crossing the southern border of the united States. Let us overlook momentarily all the jobs that are stolen from our people and all the handouts that we are forced to support in the form of welfare, given freely and with higher importance to all these invaders from Mexico. Let’s just glimpse past the drug and child trafficking that occurs due to the cartels from Mexico as well.

(Remind us again why we do any business with Mexico)

So, what was previously banned (even if it was temporary); it is the Haas avocado. One would think that the formerly noted issues would have triggered some type of harsher ban with more consequences, perhaps even maybe close the southern border, maybe even make some drastic changes with our imports and exports with Mexico before now; but oh no, of course not. It would seemingly be unrealistic to ask that those residing here in America be protected from outsiders that continuously do us harm (insert the sarcasm and eye-roll).

Why the ban on an innocent piece of deliciousness? Well, it was reported that there was a threat made to some U.S. Health Inspectors that are living and working in Mexico. Although we are not knocking the threat delivered to a citizen of these “united” States, while living and working in Mexico, willingly; perhaps caring and protecting the citizens that actually live on the soil, work on the soil and pay taxes on the soil in the “united” States should have taken priority over those that do not.

Even though the Haas avocado is back from a temporary time-out, let us look at our other option. The much larger and creamer Florida avocado. Say it with excitement will ya; Buy Southern always!

Florida has a much larger and creamier avocado than Mexico’s teeny-tiny version of the green goodness. Looking at cost, Walmart (No, we do not promote buying from here but let’s face it, sometimes you have to.) advertises that the Mexico option is $0.88 a pound and the Florida option is $1.88 each. Most everyone knows that the Florida avocado is at least and bare minimum two times the size of the Mexican import. The price is fairly equal but if you purchase the Florida avocado, you are supporting local farmers and the local economy.

In August of 2015, WLRN in Miami/South Florida, reported that the State of Florida grows about $24 million worth of green-skinned avocados a year and puts 1,000 people to work doing so. According to the Florida Department of Agriculture, In 2019, Florida ranked #15 among all states in the number of farms, 30th in land in farms and had 47,400 commercial farms using 9.7 million acres here in the Great State of Florida. Stacker.com reports in April of 2021 that Florida ranks #21 in agricultural products sold, with a net income for farm operations of $1.5 billion.

Currently, Florida has the opportunity to add to our export business and bring more jobs to our State and also boost our economy greatly. Florida restaurant owners are not only going to be impacted negatively by the current Haas avocado ban but so are businesses in other States. WBTW News 13 out of South Carolina is reporting that restaurant owners are “worried” about the avocado issue as they complement many dishes served and this ban will have a direct impact on their sales and customer satisfaction. One concerned business owner stated “I don’t know what really I can do”.

The solution? Buy local, Buy Southern, Buy Florida avocados. The answer is a simple one and if you consider the impact that your dollar will have locally and that the current headache wouldn’t occur again, the move should be an easy one.

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