Disrespecting Florida

Just recently, U.S. District Judge Mark Walker disrespected the sovereignty of Florida and ruled unconstitutional a state law (SB90) that put in place new rules for requesting ballots, restricting the use of drop boxes and creating no-solicitation zones restricting political activities at a polling place.

This is not the first time Walker has meddled in the affairs of our state, taking this occasion to accuse Florida of a history of voter suppression, which he said had contributed to broad disparities in economics, education and political representation and ordered that, for 10 years, Florida must submit to the court for prior clearance proposed changes to certain election laws.

Even though Governor DeSantis is looking out for us and immediately promised to appeal, the Feds continue on with this insulting behavior and the thinking that it will change if only “conservatives” are elected this November is pointless.

It’s time to file for divorce from this abusive marriage!

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