Floridians must continue the political battle in order to save our history from being rewritten and wiped out completely. Why must we continue the fight? Simple … so that our children know of their history, their people’s battles and how high the bar of honor is that they must meet and/or exceed. The cancel culture leftists aren’t giving up and neither shall we. Our people deserve a land that is their own, with a rich history that their ancestors provided for them; without being dishonored and having their history dismantled at every turn.

In Jacksonville, the Confederate monument battle lingers on however it has now expanded to include the potential name changes for five counties. The county names so far on the chopping block are: Baker, Bradford, Hendry, Lee, and Pasco counties; all named after men that fought in the War of Northern Aggression, or as many know it, the Civil War.

These tragic attacks on our people and our history will not stop unless we stop it. The war to save Florida from becoming a cesspool state such as New York and California, is real! During the current times, our beautiful state continues to be flooded by people from these states and they come here to our state and demand we change for them. The Florida League of the South says NO!

JOIN US in putting our foot down and demanding justice from our local politicians. This is our state … Florida is rich in history, our history, Florida’s history. If you don’t like it, I95 and I75 both travel north and I10 travels west … don’t let the door hit ya!

If you would like more information on how you can get ACTive in saving the rich history of Florida, complete our contact form and we will send you a discreet packet of educational information in the mail.

Article Written By: Belle Boyd

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