Florida just experienced an absolute tragic natural disaster this past month, Hurricane Ian. Less than an hour after Ian came ashore, NewsOne, a digital outlet that gathers news articles from all over and distributes them to its subscribers under the name “NewsBreak”, pushed out an article titled, “Hurricanes ‘Disproportionately’ Harm Black Neighborhoods–It’s Because Of Environmental Racism”. Its subheading attempts to remind readers: “As Hurricane Ian touches down in Florida, remember who suffers the most. The destruction from hurricanes is never equally distributed.””Even though hurricanes don’t specifically target Black communities, their lasting impact always seems to affect Black people the most,” argues NewsOne’s senior editor Bilal Morris. Tweet from NewsOne claiming hurricanes are racist.

As a native Floridian, I had never heard of such foolishness and this article was mocked and dismissed as comically race-baiting.

Fast-forward a few days, and low-and-behold, the media narrative continues that hurricanes target or affect black communities more than white communities. As most people watching the aftermath of this disaster and reading articles from various news sources, the onslaught of these types of articles could not be dismissed as comical any longer and had to be pointed out to show the ridiculous amount of in-your-face manipulative indoctrination that we view on the daily. As Ian wreaked havoc on Florida, the race-obsessed Left threw the race card to the wind and pushed this narrative in an unprecedented manner.

This ridiculous notion was echoed by Vice President Kamala Harris when she claimed late last week that aid doled out to Hurricane Ian victims should be prioritized “based on equity” and directed to “communities of color” first. In her commitment to ending “racist” hurricane relief, Harris is determined to facilitate an “equitable” response to Ian with preferential identity-based treatment from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).VP Harris faces criticism after she says that aid should be distributed to black communities first.

If hurricanes are not destructive enough, they are now being labeled racist. Truly this is not even a new claim, just a different approach to the word. In 2018, Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee called upon the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to be more inclusive with naming hurricanes. She goes on to insist that hurricane names should include black names such as: Keisha, Jamal and DeShawn.

The internet provides countless examples of this rhetoric by professional news outlets. However, there are also opinion articles written by freelance journalists that are influenced by these professional leftist news outlets. One article in particular, posted on September 2021 takes the cake for insane race-baiting manipulation. This blog article was published by MZCAKEZ and claims that hurricanes are angry slave spirits that take vengeance on their slaveholders because they take the same paths as slave ships. Seriously, that is an actual thought that someone penned and distributed via the internet to the masses.

There is no wonder why freelance writers such as MZCAKEZ believes that hurricanes are ghosts of slaves seeking vengeance on us white folk that enslaved them. Just look at the recent media manipulation that has taken place. Add the Left’s persistent indoctrination to the parental guidance of those that grew up listening to it and you get the successful poor-me syndrome that we see today.

Many people, Southerners specifically … seem to fear the word “racist.” The word is thrown around in an attempt to shut you up from speaking the truth. Don’t let it! Speak your truth. We are only heard if we use our voice and demand it.

As Florida secessionists, we here in Florida should have no outside interference or influence from the likes of leftists such as VP, Kamala Harris. Our Governor and those we appoint to lead our State know exactly what we need and where we need it. Most Floridian’s have long noticed the partnership between the media and the Left. In the past few years, Florida has been in a battle with both the Left and most media outlets; this is yet another attempt at federal overreach and continued race manipulation by the media pressed upon the nearly 17% of Florida’s population.

As Floridian’s continue to recover from Hurricane Ian, we should all focus on rebuilding our great State and not these ridiculous claims of racist hurricanes and angry slave spirits taking vengeance upon white slaveholders.

The absurdity is mind numbing!

Let us continue to push #FedsOutofFlorida and perhaps we should be encouraging our people to turn off those tv’s, close the laptops, put down the phones and go outside and help rebuild Florida instead of subjecting ourselves to this continued manipulation.

#FloridaStrong #FreeFlorida

Join the ONLY ORGANIZATION that has consistently pushed for Florida to be free from these divisive and ridiculous ideologies as well as severing all ties from the district of corruption.

-Article by Belle Boyd

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