Independence Gardens

During WWI and WWII, Americans helped in the war effort by planting Victory Gardens. These Victory Gardens eventually produced over 40% of the food requirements of the population of the U.S. The Victory Gardens got the average people involved in the war effort. By producing their own food, the average citizen felt they were making a contribution to the defeat of the axis powers.

The Florida League of the South encourages all Southerners to participate in our current fight for independence by planting ‘Independence Gardens’.

An ‘Independence Garden’ can be as small as a kitchen window herb garden or a patio tomato plant in a bucket on an apartment balcony, a small family backyard garden or a multi-family farming project depending on the number of people involved and land available.

Growing an ‘Independence Garden’ contributes to the cause on many levels:

1) Weakening/breaking the bonds with the Empire & one world order. By growing our own tomatoes, peppers, etc. we are no longer contributing to the insane international factory farming, which brings us tomatoes from Canada, peppers from Israel, oranges from South Africa, etc. Home-grown foods are not filled with hormones, huge amounts of chemicals, genetically manipulated, or subjected to radiation.

2) Working toward self-sufficiency both for ourselves and our Southern communities. Larger ‘Independence Gardens’ could sell any excess produce in their local community to help finance their family and support their community.

3) Tilling the soil, even if it is only a single pot, helps to strengthen the bonds to the often spoken of traditional agrarianism of the Old South and leads toward its return.

4) Changing the mindset of our people toward Independence rather than dependence on the Empire. This Independence mindset will gradually spill over into almost every area of the lives of our people.

Through an ‘Independence Garden’ project camaraderie and community can be built among our people. Southerners can exchange gardening tips, recipes, ancient farming lore, seeds, produce, etc.

Participation at any level will bring about positive results and our people will experience a sense of belonging and a sense that they are contributing in some way. Every vegetable grown in an ‘Independence Garden’ is one less imported from a foreign Country or Imperial province, i.e. California or picked by an illegal, or so-called legal, immigrant taking yet another job from a Southerner.

Crops can be as varied as Southerners themselves. Grow whatever you feel you need. Virtually any produce can be grown here in Florida.

Article Written by Florida League of the South Member – Joe Cole

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