Unless there is a coup or #NationalDivorce, America’s left-leaning ruling class will control the US as an authoritarian state that allows elections – unfair elections. The Deep State and Big Tech and mass media have much more power to take control than the Right does.

“The high levels of polarization seen in Latin America in the 1960s and 1970s ended in democratic ruptures throughout the region. What was seen was that democratic governments arrived, but then polarization followed and the governments fell abruptly.”

According to the study linked below, since 1950, no established democracy has become as polarized as the US is for as long as the US has. Within the broader pool of perniciously polarized democracies, a plurality has descended into authoritarianism, and even those that depolarize often repolarized.


Of the 36 cases where pernicious polarization lasted several years, in 26 cases the country’s political system morphed from a democracy to an autocracy.

The US is in danger of becoming permanently ruled by the Left, as western & central Europe are. The EU Right’s voice has been squelched and tons of Muslims allowed to immigrate.

This is not what we want for our posterity. Let us divorce the district of corruption and rule our own nation as a free and independent people.

Not Left, Not Right, Just Free!

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