or not

What’s Your Opinion? Are we a culturally “divided” nation? The citizens of America appear to be divided into two political camps. Our survey below defines these differences. Where do you fit in? Does it really matter? Be honest with yourself. Join our survey and let America know how you feel.

A Divided America?
1) There are those who desire to live in a society in which Christian liberty and limited self-government emphasize moral absolutes, personal responsibility and the sanctity of the family unit.
2) Others prefer to overlook Judeo-Christian roots and desire to live in a system that emphasizes universal conformity to rational-humanistic ideologies shaped by an expanding center who would attempt to control fairness for all.
Of course there are those who prefer to sit on the fence.
  I agree with the former.
  I agree with the latter.
  I’ll move with the majority.
Whatever your position, please answer this final statement honestly. Our differences are irreconcilable.
  I agree. One of us needs to move out and find a new home.
  I disagree. One of us should give in so that we can stay together.
  I’m unsure. Can’t we all just get along?

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