Florida First Pledge

What is the Florida First Pledge? IT IS VERY SIMPLE!

Florida First 

• I pledge to place the interests of Florida and Floridians before any other nation, state, political entity, organization, or individual. 

• I pledge to be accountable and explain to my constituents how I considered the best interests of Floridians before voting for or against any piece of legislation or action taken by my office. 

Inherent & Inalienable Rights 

• I pledge to secure and protect the inherent and inalienable rights of Floridians and to publicly oppose any actions or legislation that would curtail or impede any right to life, liberty, or property. 

• I pledge to take any and all actions that would repeal any current impediments to the full exercise of the rights and liberties of Floridians. 

Florida Sovereignty & Independence 

• I pledge to support any and all actions or legislation that fully realize the freedom and independence of Florida. 

• I further pledge to uphold the right of Floridians by publicly and officially supporting a vote on Florida reasserting its status as an independent, self-governing nation. 

• If it is within the powers of my office, I will file or co-author legislation to enable a vote on Florida reasserting its status as an independent nation in every term that I am elected until such a referendum is held. 

• If a majority of the people of Florida vote in support of Florida reasserting its status as an independent nation, I pledge to work toward a fair and expedient separation of Florida from the federal government placing the interests of Floridians first. 

• I pledge to use any remedy available in compliance with the Florida Constitution to maintain the physical sovereignty of Florida including securing Florida borders from unlawful entry. 

• I pledge to place the sovereignty and integrity of Florida elections first including the separation of Florida and federal elections. 

Cultural Independence 

• I pledge to support any and all actions or legislation that recognize, defend, or celebrate the unique culture of Florida. This includes protecting our historical monuments, memorials, and markers. 

Economic Independence 

• I pledge to oppose any economic or financial entanglements with the federal government. 

• I pledge to support any and all efforts which maintain a level playing field for Florida businesses and oppose any encroachments on the economic opportunities of Florida business owners. 

• I pledge to oppose the purchase or major investment in strategic assets and infrastructure by foreign corporations or domestic corporations substantially owned by foreign investors. 

• I pledge to support efforts to disentangle the Florida economy from federal monetary, banking, and tax policy. 

Government Transparency & Accountability 

• I pledge to support any and all efforts to improve government transparency and accountability including supporting record votes on all matters placed before me. 

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