Federal Intrusion just won’t go away

When a “united” States president signs into law, any “act” and forces it upon States, the corrosive plight of such intrusion can only get worse, even decades later. In August 1965, Lyndon Johnson signed into law the Voting Rights Act of 1965 allowing the less desirable and uneducated the ability to cast their vote, almost immediately affecting how vibrant and prosperous our society had been to-date. Fast forward a few years later and you have an amendment to this act to include the bilingual election requirement. What comes next, the removal of the English language being a requirement to be a citizen? Continued federal intrusion ignores any and all State rights and diminishes a State’s ability, specifically Florida in this case, to self-govern its people.

Currently in Florida, a FEDERAL judge has ordered thirty-two counties to provide voting ballots in the Spanish language ahead of the upcoming 2020 election. U.S. District Judge Mark Walker asserts that this is a “fundamental right” for the Florida state voters. His decision arose from a lawsuit filed by several groups, including LatinoJustice and Demos. These organizations claim that as many as 30,000 Puerto Ricans residing in Florida face “unlawful hardships casting a ballot because of language barriers”. The groups argued that the lack of the Spanish-language option is in violation of Lyndon Johnson’s Voting Rights Act of 1965. Article 2 Section 9 of the State of Florida Constitution states that “English is the official language of the State of Florida”. If English is the official language of Florida, then why should we be providing ballots in any other language besides English? How hard is that to understand what the Florida Constitution states? Perhaps if we said “Inglés es el idioma oficial del estado de florida”, more people may understand. The naturalization process to become a naturalized citizen of the “united” States has seven requirements, one of which is “Be proficient in basic spoken and written English and demonstrate knowledge of U.S. history and government”. So then again, I ask why is a federal judge forcing this upon Florida?

In 2017, Hurricane Maria devastated the island of Puerto Rico and Florida was forced to take tens of thousands of Puerto Ricans in, making them immediately available for all government assistance on the backs of taxpayers here in Florida. Now, although Puerto Rican citizens aren’t allowed to vote in any federal election, these displaced Puerto Rican citizens are now being allowed to vote in not only our State election but the federal 2020 election. Could there be a reason behind this forced insanity?

Florida is a swing State in the federal election and the voting margin is dangerously close to pushing us into the blue. Not that being red or blue helps Floridians in any way, choosing one lesser evil over another is still choosing an evil … BUT … there are some red values we can agree with.  In order to change Florida’s political atmosphere, one must figuratively play a game of chess. Currently, we continue to see an “invasion” as those from other States such as New York, New Jersey, California, etc.. move here and enforce their values upon those families that have lived in Florida their entire lives, as had their ancestors. Most of these people become Florida residents and vote blue, in an attempt to impose their liberal agenda. Now, we have outsiders, “citizens” that hadn’t even gone through the proper channels to become “united” States naturalized citizens … setting the tone for our elections here in Florida. Of course, the majority if not all of these “displaced” Puerto Ricans will vote democrat as to not bite the hand that feeds them.

Let’s summarize this really quick! Puerto Ricans, living in Puerto Rico can not vote in any federal election, per the “united” States constitution. So how can we circumvent that; forcing a State to take in thousands of “displaced” leeches and then making it law that these non-citizen leeches be able and allowed to vote not only in State elections but federal ones as well.

It is clearer today, than it was yesterday or even last week … that the federal government has absolutely no idea of what Southerners, much less Floridians, value, respect and cherish. We are a people like no other and deserve a land of which our forefathers envisioned. The only way to keep Florida for Floridians is to divorce ourselves from the federal government.

The Florida League of the South is committed to independence.

It’s past time to break away from the oppression and begin to act like the free men and women we say we are. Let’s begin now to preserve our future. The Florida League of the South can show you where to start.

-Belle Boyd

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