Divorce the Empire

Political Separation [DIVORCE] also known as the dissolution of a union or the process of terminating a union that usually entails the canceling or reorganizing of legal duties and responsibilities, thus dissolving the agreement of said union between two entities.

The divorce attorneys for military families are proof that it is not the same procedure for everyone. If divorcing the empire isn’t on the foremost minds of those Floridians that voted republican this election, then you should truly rethink your party association. Every red-blooded voter in these “united” States knows unequivocally that this election between the bad orange-man and the handsy old-guy has been compromised. America has fallen prey to an on-the-verge communist revolution!

Why do we continue to take part in such chaos? Florida, as seen in the election results, votes red. If one wants to know where the highest crime rates in Florida are, all you have to do is look at the electoral map of Florida. The larger cities that turned out blue, are those same cities that have the highest crime rate. Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando, Miami, West Palm Beach and Gainesville are all college cities, land of the retired northerners or tourist traps and all voted blue. The rest of Florida, we voted red. If you need child custody law firm during a divorce, you can check it out here!

What does a Biden/Harris presidency mean to Floridians? This “win” would give the green light to those mobs known as Antifa and BLM to go after our history, once again, and this time with the backing of the office of the president. It means the push back to Obamacare, of which was a complete nightmare for small businesses and employees alike. A four to six-week China virus lockdown. Could you imagine what another lockdown will do to those small businesses that survived the first round of lockdowns? Businesses will close, people will lose their jobs, homes, cars, etc. What a travesty! Biden supports mask mandates nationwide and raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour. We have already seen prices increase due to this “pandemic”, with Biden in office it will only get worse. Those on a fixed income like our grandparents won’t be able to afford to live as their income will stay the same but the cost of living will increase drastically. Biden will support a Federal Reserve operating with absolutely no restrictions. The Federal Reserve is an illegal entity as it is, but that is for another article. Complying with this win means higher taxes across the board, supporting abortion, mail-in ballots (we’ve seen the product of this debacle) and not showing identification when voting. The commie to-do list just goes on and on.

Now is the perfect time for divorcing the empire. Secession is the only way Florida will not be made to submit to her current corrupt political masters in the District of Corruption. We chose Ron DeSantis to run our Great State of Florida. He is quite the opposite of who will soon be running this country. The majority of Floridians, did not choose Joe Biden and do not believe in his politics. Many Floridians have a case of Stockholm Syndrome and have allowed this continued abuse from outside influences.  It is time to stand up and say no more! We want out of this abusive marriage.

Enough is enough! #DivorcetheEmpire

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