Nevermind Our State Constitution


We have been shown repeatedly the errors in the U.S. Constitution and the abuse that politicians inflict upon those that are forced under the restrictions of said constitution but this time, the abuse has happened upon our own State of Florida Constitution.

There may not be an “official” language in the United States, only the “preferred” English language; however here in our great State of Florida, English is our OFFICIAL language so says our state constitution and your vote.

In 2019 a FEDERAL judge, decided to ignore The Florida State Constitution and our people’s voice. This federal judge issued a preliminary injunction requiring 32 counties in Florida take steps toward providing Spanish language ballots and assistance to Spanish speaking individuals.

Why should Florida provide Spanish language ballots in an English-speaking state?

As of 8 February 2021, all of the below counties opted to settle the lawsuit with the LatinoJustice organization, the Puerto Rican Legal Defense & Education Fund (PRLDEF):

Alachua, Bay, Brevard, Citrus, Clay, Columbia, Duval, Escambia, Flagler, Hernando, Highlands, Indian River, Jackson, Lake, Leon, Levy, Manatee, Marion, Martin, Monroe, Okaloosa, Okeechobee, Pasco, Putnam, St. Johns, St. Lucie, Santa Rosa, Sarasota, Sumter, Taylor, and Wakulla.

The only county that has stood their ground and said no, is Charlotte County! Good for them and their county commissioners ought to be praised. If you find your county on the above list that caved, reach out and demand answers from your County Commissioners as to why they ignored your vote.

Due to Florida’s abusive marriage to the “union” we are required to allow any citizen from the states and/or territories to live within our borders. In 2000 we had an estimated Puerto Rican population of 479,000 and now their population is over 1-million according to the Pew Research Center. They come here legally and illegally, nonetheless we are being flooded with outside influences and forced to accept the fact that our state is becoming unidentifiable to her ancestral population.

Florida lawmakers are allowing our State to become a melting pot of anything but Southern. No wonder our voice, our history and our future are being taken from us with little resistance, we are becoming the few in our own land. Almost daily we watch southerners in their own communities fight to retain school names, monuments, streets, buildings that were devoted to the remembrance of our heroes. We continue to argue the point that men should use men’s restrooms and women should use women’s restrooms. Often, we see local articles announcing the cancellation of annual southern festivals and parades and the cancellation of Christmas festivities, all the while dog festivals and other ethnic festivals are on-going.

Our State Motto shouldn’t be “The Sunshine State” but “The Melting Pot State” and that pot is angrily seething and rapidly boiling over. With all these outside influences invading our state and the federal government pushing their agenda upon us, we are becoming a people with no identity and a weakened state.

The only way to undo all the damage caused by any federal agency is taking away their power over you. How do we do that? Secession! Consider signing the Petition for Independence for the State of Florida.

#FedsOutofFlorida #SECEDE

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