We Don’t Need Your Stinkin’ Censorship!!

This was the message that Governor DeSantis sent to the big tech giants in Silicon Valley today with the signing of this first-of-its-kind “Deplatforming Bill”. Although this bill does not go far enough, it is a start. Florida’s political candidates now can take legal action and sue the big tech giants if they censor their accounts on media platforms such as FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

The main-stream’s typical punishment for anyone, or any such organization as ours, that disagrees with the leftist’s agenda on the above-mentioned platforms is banishment in its finality. Posting a simple article on secession or traditional marriage will get you a ban on FaceBook faster than you can refresh the page to view the stats. Although the sentiment of this bill seems sincere, the question remains if it can hold its weight in court.

Let’s take FaceBook for example, FaceBook is publicly traded on the stock market therefore people believe that FaceBook cannot censor the public’s opinion. The fact is however that FaceBook is a private-sector entity which means it can censor us, as long as FaceBook is not governmentally funded in any way. In the United States and with few exceptions, only U.S. government censorship is illegal.  Therefore, legally, FaceBook has no obligation to grant anyone the right of free speech, as the government does.

Governor DeSantis has a serious want to protect Floridians from an invasive disease and we applaud him for such, if by some means this bill succeeds in any one single lawsuit, let us as a whole impress upon him the importance of free speech for all of us, not just the politicians.

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