Biden is Complicit

President Biden has no care for what comes of his underhanded policies

Whether Biden and his administration acknowledges it or not, sitting president Joe Biden is now complicit in the murder of a 46-year-old father of four here in the Sunshine State. Due to his devious tactics of sneaking unwanted illegal immigrants into our State, under the cover of dark through way of the Jacksonville Airport, he released a murderer upon our people and gave no warning or knowledge beforehand that he was doing so. Is this the first time that an acting president has not taken into consideration the care and safety of a Floridian; absolutely not!

The dumping of illegal immigrants, seemingly to replace the common Southerner, has become somewhat of a normal act, one of which has turned our very red state nearly blue. If you look at the numbers from the 2018 run for office, Governor DeSantis only won the gubernatorial election by .4%; less than one percentage point. The great replacement is clearly in action. Whether you believe this theory or not, there is no other explanation as to why a hostile federal regime would drop illegals, with absolutely no knowledge of who these trespassers are, onto the soil of a people that has clearly declared we are not willing to accept said welfare leeches.

As reported by the governor’s office, there have been some seventy flights that have landed at the Jacksonville Airport from the southern “united” States border. Biden’s current policy has not only allowed for a murder that would not have happened otherwise, but it also has put the lives of Floridians in danger as there was no vetting of these illegal aliens. Any one of these invaders could be a career criminal or in all reality, a mass murderer. We simply do not know.

Governor DeSantis stated that “The feds, of course, control the airspace and they’re there on the ground. They take these folks and then they send them in other parts of Florida by bus or other parts of the southeast.” The Florida governor told Tucker Carlson that the Biden flights arrive at “one or two or three in the morning.” He added that the flights were “unannounced” and he was not given notice and thus has no ability to veto the flights. In response, DeSantis has made a solid commitment to all Floridian’s that he will fight these incoming flights in all ways he is able to up to and including denying state contracts to any company that assists in the flood of immigrant invaders.

The effects of this displacement of illegals after becoming a criminal defense lawyer, not only puts an unaccountable number of criminals on our streets, but also takes away potential jobs from Floridians since no one knows about how strict the Southern California DUI laws are. Illegal immigration continues to hurt Florida workers as they work under the table and for substantially lower wages. Not only does this add to continued poverty in some areas but now you have a people, that has no accountability, truly vagrants that are being paid a lower wage, yet will be paying a higher price for products due to product price increases that will potentially turn to crime to pay for their livelihoods.

Florida continues to be invaded from our southern border by people using boats to cross the ocean to get here and now we are being invaded through our own airports, and the culprit is the president of the “united” States.

Are you awake yet? Your replacement is here unless you stand up and fight against it. We’ve already taken the first, second, third, fifth, number whatever step to work with the federal government for the betterment of our people, without a positive end result … It is now time to TAKE THE STEP to remove ourselves, to remove Florida and her residents from a corrupt regime that would rather replace us than see us prosper.

Tap or click here to help us secede! Secession is THE ONLY WAY FORWARD!

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