The Florida League of the South’s Strategy

Since 1994, the League of the South, the premier Southern Nationalist organization, provides a strategy for its members and all freedom seekers to follow in achieving liberty and independence.

First, the League operates at the state level through centralized planning and command and decentralized execution carried out by local chapters and individuals throughout the state.

Second, it cannot be emphasized too often or too strongly that the League is a Southern Nationalist organization and not a heritage defense group. The goal is Florida’s independence; complete, full, and total. This is our chief principle of action. All efforts must be tested against this question: Does it aid our quest for independence? If not, then don’t do it. It’s as simple as that. If your agenda does not have Florida’s independence at its core, then this is not the organization for you.

Third, those who merely want to talk have no place in the League. We need doers, not talkers. Many organizations do not demand enough action and sacrifice from their members. The Florida League of the South does, beginning at the top.

Our strategy is broken down into seven parts. The following statement includes the principal goals (the whats, as it were) as well as how the goals will be reached. You are encouraged to memorize this statement:

“The League of the South seeks (1) to create a climate of public opinion conducive to Southern Independence, (2) making the League the leader of that movement, (3) by delegitimizing the empire (4) through creating alternative, legitimate popular institutions, (5) exercising moral leadership (6) as the servant-leaders of the Southern people (7) in organic local communities.”

Let’s briefly examine these seven parts.

(1) To reach our goal of Florida’s independence we constantly persuade our people that it’s both desirable and possible. We are thus waging a war to win the minds and hearts of Floridians.

(2) The League is the only game in town. In other words, we are not only the premier Southern nationalist organization, but the one and only group seeking to establish a free and independent Florida republic. We strive daily to convince our people that we are the natural leaders of the Florida independence movement.

(3) To “delegitimize” the empire, we will continually point out its failures and its descent into tyranny and convince our people to transfer their loyalty and support away from it. The opportunities for this are limitless as the empire is in the process of destroying itself by its own stupidity and hubris.

(4) It is not enough simply to persuade Floridians to withdraw their consent from the empire and its institutions; in addition, we give them alternative, legitimate, popular institutions to which they can transfer their loyalty and support.

(5) Exercising moral leadership means that we denounce and condemn moral corruption in both government and in our own people. At the same time, we also offer a positive vision of a moral society, keeping in mind that men are sinners and are thus incapable of creating Utopia.

(6) To be the servant-leaders of the Southern people means first and foremost that we be willing to serve our fellow man in order to earn their respect and be able to lead them to independence. Christ came to serve; we should do the same.

(7) Organic local communities are the natural outgrowth of a healthy society. They cannot be manufactured by an ideology or imposed from the top down. Rather, they must grow out of a particular people and the soil of a particular place. They are real rather than abstract. They are local and not universal. The Florida League’s strategy requires that it be implemented at the local level by active local chapters.

It must be stressed once again that the above strategy statement be used as a template to guide us in our actions. If something does not fit the template (i.e. it does not further the cause of Florida’s independence and that of the Southern people) then it should be put aside.

When the League of the South was founded, we adopted the following Statement of Purpose:

The League seeks to advance the cultural, social, economic and political well being and independence of the Southern people by all honourable means.

Within these four distinct areas—cultural, social, economic and political—we are finding ways to integrate this strategy.

Using this strategy on a daily basis will open the door for all who love liberty to enjoy an independent and freedom filled Florida Republic.

May God continue to favor our Cause.

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