Florida’s economy grows to 15th largest in the world, up from 17th – Florida Chamber of Commerce

New data show that today Florida, if it were an independent country, would be the 15th largest economy in the world. Florida overtook Indonesia and Mexico’s economies during the past … flchamber.com

All the pessimists want to say “Florida can’t” but you never hear them say that Turkey can’t, Switzerland can’t, Argentina can’t, Indonesia can’t, and neither can Mexico.

As of 2021, Florida’s nominal GDP is larger than all but 15 countries in the world; if we were a sovereign nation, Florida would be ranked ahead of Indonesia and behind Mexico. In terms of Purchasing Power Parity, it is larger than all but 24 countries.

Florida currently ranks the 4th largest economy on the North American continent, just behind California, New York and Texas.

Our Great State has become the “land of the free” these past few years and due to our staunch stance on freedoms, we have moved from the 17th largest economy in the world to the 16th in one astounding year of freedom.

Let us continue to be free and move Florida forward as we Floridians see fit. The Florida League of the South will have it no other way.

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