florida voter’s are being drowned out

The voices of #Florida voters are getting drowned out by contributions coming from leftists like NYC billionaire Michael Bloomberg who has contributed $1 million to the Florida Democrat Party. The Florida Dems are so desperate that they have resorted to accepting money from out-of-state liberal elites. It is time to turn off the taps of non-Floridian money flooding into our elections. Florida is the firewall-of-freedom and we must stand in their way. With Bloomberg’s money, the Democrats will continue to attack our God-given right to self-defense, continue these unjustified raids on Floridians, perpetuate inflation, and impose covid and monkeypox mandates amongst other tragedies that would be bestowed upon Floridians if the leftists have their way.  We must counteract Bloomberg’s agenda and promote a Free Florida, free of outside influences and support those that stand for a free and independent Florida.

Looking for A free Florida? Then join us in defense of our people and our homeland.

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