Feds Out of Florida

You would think that this would send a clear message to the federal government that Florida does not want to host illegal immigrates or take on the financial responsibility of such an invasion.

However there seem to be loopholes (who is surprised) that the feds love to frequent. In the early part of this year, Homeland Security contacted two Florida Mayors to let them know to expect a weekly delivery of illegal immigrant women and children, hundreds a week as a matter of fact. The mayors, knowingly unable and unwilling to accept such a federal intrusion did stand their ground, and with the backing of Governor DeSantis told Homeland that we would not be accepting such ilk on our soil. Future forward to August of this year, the largest detention facility in the United States was “closed” in Homestead, Florida. This facility was set-up to house over three thousand illegal children at any one-time. It did have housed, before it was emptied in early August 2019, over 1400 boys and girls between the ages of 13-17. The cost of this detention center, with the beds filled, was over $700,000 per day. Officials have stated that since March 2018, this detention center has housed more than 14,000 children, illegal children. The Homestead facility currently does not have any children in the beds; however, it continues to employee a staff, “just in case”. The cost to keep this facility fully operational without children is approximately $600,000 a day. If you want lawyerss for social security disability appeals, you can check out here!

Congress and President Trump both signed the $2.88 billion-dollar emergency supplemental appropriations legislation mid this year.

“HHS is pleased that, thanks to the President’s leadership and bipartisan action by Congress, our career civil servants and grantees can now resume providing a full set of recreational, educational through settlements funding, and legal services to the children in our care, as well as all refugee support services,” HHS said in a statement on Friday. “The President has indicated that he would sign the supplemental funding bill, so our Office of post-settlement funding service has begun the process of notifying grantees that they can resume the comprehensive provision of these important services for the children in our care.”
— https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/immigration/article232085272.html

At what point, will Floridian’s realize that the federal government is not looking out for their best interests? Not only are the taxpayers responsible for the $600,000 per day operational costs while closed, but when the detention center is in operation the taxpayers are responsible for the over $700,000 a day operational cost. Per officials, 80% of these children are released to family and the other 20% are placed with foster care providers, etc. The cycle continues from the moment they are taken into custody at the border and transported here to Homestead to when they are released to either family or foster care at which point, these 13-17-year-old illegals become apart of a life-long welfare system.

Pleading our case to this central government is fruitless, regardless of how we do it. They have not listened and they will not listen. The government that our Founding Fathers gave us has been so utterly perverted that it is totally unaccountable to the States and their citizens. The federal government has no regard to our needs and by their actions, chaos reigns.

Florida has said NO, and NO it should be. NO sanctuary state, NO sanctuary cities within our borders, and NO to illegals being placed here above our very own citizens.

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