Chaos Runs Amuck in the Florida Public School System!

Can the United States Constitution save us? A better question is, was it ever intended to be a force for good, or the biggest power grab in our history; or was it created with the best intentions and just perverted over time?.

Our children, having such immediate access to most media platforms, no doubt read conflicting news stories and peer posts. Depending on the county you live in, children may not even be attending school due to the “virus” being such a “pandemic” while other schools require masks at-random. Is the virus real or is it simply a hoax perpetuated by the media? Some questions your kids may have rumbling in their heads are: “Why can we go to Walmart but not to a football game or graduation?”, “Why can I ride a school bus packed full of my friends but I have to sit at least six-feet from them in class?”.

These are all normal questions that adolescents may have due to the sheer state of confusion.

Some parents turned to online learning through Google Zoom or Florida Virtual School; clearly, neither were ready for the amount of traffic on their servers.  Daily, the posts in various FaceBook groups, about server errors for both options are tremendous in number. For some parents, they can not access their child’s accounts until after peak hours which is at times around 6pm. Even then, teachers are unavailable for help from either the student or parent.

Why must we put our children through this?

The Florida League of the South promotes traditional learning at home; homeschooling. There are so many options for homeschoolers nowadays that any form of public school is simply outdated and unwarranted. We do not need to subject our children to not only federal indoctrination but currently pure unorganized chaos.

Homeschooling gives you the opportunity to be not only time-flexible but also add value to what your children are learning:

  • Some children cannot learn early in the morning and would do best with getting a bit of energy out before sitting down to a table of home studies. This is where time-flexibility comes into play.
  • Take them outside and do a bit of gardening or teaching of their natural surroundings. How many children or young adults do you know can walk into the woods here in Florida and point out any plant that they could use as food if needed or what is poisonous to touch? I’ll bet you can’t think of any more than maybe one. 
  • Teach young ladies how to sew again, or cook a meal that does not come from a cardboard box.
  • Teach the old ways of canning and food preservation.
  • Young boys need to know automotive and how to build objects.
  • Bring God back to the forefront of all homes by daily bible study.
  • Take your children hunting/fishing for some outdoor sports.
  • Teach finances.
  • Teach our Southern history with accuracy so that they may not grow up to hate themselves or where they come from.

If there is ever a time to take hold of your child’s future, now is that time. You can do better at home and your children need your attention and personal one-on-one time. Their future is literally in your hands.


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